A Decade of Patronage

Spotlight Date: 
October 28, 2015
Phyllis Verducci
Each year since 2003, the School of the Arts Foundation Guild has hosted a series of Musical Luncheons in Palm Beach. Through these luncheons, the School of the Arts Foundation has raised over $1 million dollars to support the needs of the Dreyfoos School of the Arts. These luncheons have also brought in countless friends and supporters, who are captivated as soon as they see our students perform. 
Phyllis Verducci attended her first Musical Luncheon in 2004, and has attended nearly every luncheon since. “I knew Simon Offit (Chairman of the SOAFI Board, Vice President of the School of the Arts Foundation Guild) from the Norton and I knew he chaired the Galas for the School of the Arts Foundation. I don’t do Galas but when he told me they were going to do luncheons I said “Sign me up!”  Anything that Simon says to get involved in, I do.” Phyllis not only got involved, but she invited friends to join her, stating that “Once they see a performance, they come back for more.”
Soon, Phyllis started attending more and more Dreyfoos events, and rarely misses the Foundation’s “One Night Only” event with the Musical Theatre department. “My favorite was a musical they did a few years ago – “Guys and Dolls”. I even went back a second time.  The young man who played the lead was excellent.  I also attend as many orchestra performances as I can. I love the jazz band too. I have seen them perform at various events around the community.”
Each season, we can expect to see Phyllis cheering on our students. “They are wonderful. They are so talented. Besides the artistic talents they have, they are also scholastically very bright.  I think it is wonderful institution and a wonderful opportunity for all these young people to have this opportunity to go.”
Thanks to longtime supporters like Phyllis, the Dreyfoos School of the Arts Foundation is able to provide unique academic and artistic opportunities to Dreyfoos students that otherwise cannot be funded through the School District.