Dedicated to Education

Spotlight Date: 
August 18, 2014
Don Silpe

In 2010, Don Silpe took a tour of the Dreyfoos campus upon the insistence of a friend. That was all it took to get him involved and to become a member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors. No stranger to educational opportunities for youth, Don has previously been involved with the Connecticut Joint Council for Economic Education and Junior Achievement, been Vice-Chairman of Education for Planned Parenthood of Palm Beach, and on the Education Committee of the Kravis Center. He quickly saw the importance of supporting Dreyfoos.

“The high standards of the Dreyfoos screening process enable the most talented, the most motivated students the opportunity for an unmatched high school experience. While learning alongside talented students from other neighborhoods, other communities they broaden their social awareness. DSOA alumni return to our community (or elsewhere) as seasoned, educated citizens, prepared to lead in their areas of choice.”

Among many other programs Mr. Silpe supports, after a board meeting presentation, The Muse caught his eye.

“A publication with real meat for students and parents as they navigate high school, it was underfunded. Several of us offered to help underwrite its continuation. The Muse student journalists went on to win The National Pacemaker Awards for excellence in American student journalism which has been given annually since 1927. This is considered the unofficial "Pulitzer Prize" of student journalism. As in so many other creative areas, the Dreyfoos 'Muse 'participants reached the highest national honors in their field.”

Don’s dedication doesn’t stop there – He just signed on to be a sponsor for this year’s Dreyfoos in White, a pop-up picnic dinner that had an amazing turnout in 2013 for its inaugural year. You can also find him on campus for board meetings, committee meetings, art shows and performances – his favorite being the annual musicals.