Donating His Time

Spotlight Date: 
November 24, 2014
Gil Cohen
Gil Cohen is not only one of the Foundation’s Board Members, but one of our most enthusiastic volunteers. When deciding to spend winters in the Palm Beach area, Gil toured Dreyfoos in search of volunteer opportunities and considered it a perfect fit. 
“Supporting arts education is very important. It helps to give youth an understanding of culture, know who they are in the world. It also offers a haven for creative people who can be who they want to be, encourages them to be themselves and offer their art to the world.”
Although originally from Boston where he taught art in public middle school, Mr. Cohen has spent much of his adult life in Italy volunteering with various youth programs, including mentoring at foster care centers, or in New York with homeless adolescents. At Dreyfoos Gil tutors students in reading, English, and Italian – a language not otherwise offered. 
“I donate my time remembering what being a teen was like for me. I feel that I can offer a student my experience in a clear and helpful way. Giving to another person of myself is far more important to me than just donating money. For me, there is nothing better than to see someone succeed in their life, and to see them feel that they’ve done a good job.”
When not assisting students in the library, Gil is often bringing a fellow community member to tour the campus, or attending one of many Foundation or school events.  
For Gil, supporting the School of the Arts Foundation “helps to keep our community the well-rounded place that it is. It brings community members in to see and get to know that today’s youth is vital and involved.”