From Dreyfoos to Verona

Spotlight Date: 
October 23, 2015
Brennah Leone
Brennah Leone discovered her love of the arts at a young age and began acting in first grade. She has participated in many workshops, classes, and productions since. Now a sophomore at Dreyfoos, Brennah is playing the role of Juliet in the Theatre Department’s upcoming production of Romeo and Juliet. 
“The audition process was really exciting! Everyone came together as a team during callbacks, working on scenes to present to the production team, helping each other out, and just being really supportive of one another.”
With opening night on October 30th, Brennah and the rest of the Theatre Department are busy in rehearsals.
“Rehearsals have opened up a whole new world to me. We have a Guest Artist, Mr. Santana that comes in and getting us used to using real weapons and how to handle them and the blocking of the fights. Ms. Lindsay, another Guest Artist, who comes in and teaches us how to utilize, take care of and explore our voice - especially with getting used to speaking the heightened language. We do really cool warm ups that have helped me learn much more about my voice and just awareness of my body in general … The most eye opening part about this process has been learning that, as an actor, I will never be satisfied with my work. And with this being true, I know that there are endless opportunities for my pieces, and I am able to make discoveries every time I work on them, and I find that beautiful.” 
When Brennah is not busy preparing for the role of Juliet by marking her lines with iambic pentameter, she is working on her vocals as a member of the South Palm Beach School of Rock’s house band. 
Only in tenth grade, Brennah hasn’t begun to narrow down her college options, but she hopes to continue her studies in theatre. “I hope to apply the things I learn in all different aspects of my life, which I'm finding won't be hard because this school is so well rounded in its teachings, not only educationally but also morally… I cannot express the amount of gratitude within me for a school that embraces me with loving arms and works so passionately to shape its students. Dreyfoos offers not only great opportunities to learn from the best teachers and Guest Artists in your art form, but also great academics, and an overall sense of supportive, loving community.”