The Dynamic Duo – Dorothy Lappin and Simon Benson Offit

Spotlight Date: 
April 22, 2013
Dorothy and Simon
We are so fortunate to have the financial and volunteer support of community members who are passionate about the Dreyfoos School of the Arts.  Many of our donors have never had a child or grandchild attend Dreyfoos.  So, why do they get involved?   Because of the enthusiasm and success of the Dreyfoos students and faculty! 
Two of the school’s biggest cheerleaders are the Foundation’s own “dynamic duo,” Dorothy L. Lappin and Simon Benson Offit.   Mr. Offit has served as the Chairman of the Foundation’s board of directors for ten years and Ms. Lappin, in addition to being a long time board member, has served as Chairman of the School of the Arts Foundation Guild for the past 9 years!  For more than a decade they have worked side by side to raise funds to enhance the Dreyfoos art and academic programs.   
They are enthusiastic about the school and encourage friends and business acquaintances to support the work of the Foundation through its annual events.  Thanks to the hard work of our “dynamic duo” they have raised over $1.8 million dollars through galas and our musical luncheons.  Their work as a team is quite impressive but individually they are also very generous with their time and treasure.  
As soon as Ms. Lappin learned that the theatre department would be producing Frank Loesser’s Guys and Dolls, she knew she had to ask her good friend, Jo Sullivan Loesser to visit the school.  Ms. Loesser is quite the character and shared with the students her knowledge of the history of musical theater and stories of Broadway.  
Mr. Offit recently celebrated a special birthday and in lieu of gifts asked people to donate to the Foundation.  The gifts received were designated to start the Simon Benson Offit Musical Theater Scholarship.     Additionally, Ms. Lappin established the Dorothy L. Lappin Vocal Scholarship that provides a scholarship to a top female soprano who will be a voice major in college. 
In a letter from Simon and Dorothy they voiced their joy in being able to support the school, “Most gratifying of all, is knowing that our talented Dreyfoos students are going out into the world with the most marvelous skills, whether it be academic, communications or the performing arts.” 
We applaud our very own “dynamic duo” Simon and Dorothy for their undying support.
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