Gail Hughes Galli Jumps in with Both Feet

Spotlight Date: 
January 27, 2015
Gail Hughes Galli

On the Board of the Dreyfoos School of the Arts Foundation for less than six months, Gail Hughes Galli has jumped in with both feet. Between joining the Dreyfoos in White Committee and her recent donation of a seven foot Steinway & Sons Model B Grand Piano to the Music department, we’re happy that, as she says, “Rarely do I do something just half way.”

“My first involvement was with the students who attended Dreyfoos.  They were not only talented, but dedicated to be the best.  Personally, the arts have been a major part of my life, especially music, back in time I played piano, violin and sang in an a cappella choir.”

Gail immediately began her commitment to the school by helping to plan our annual pop-up style picnic event, Dreyfoos in White, by recruiting donors, inviting guests, and putting together a premier table.  “It was a great committee, well organized, and a special event. I will confess my table's center piece was a ringer for last place with just a jumble of various things my guests placed there, however, everyone had a great time; the weather was perfect which was essential - a big bonus, the music, lights, white, truly made it a magical event. I look forward to next year!”

While attending the first Guild Musical Luncheon of the season, Gail was inspired by a piano student who played and spoke about the departments need for better instruments. Gail saw the opportunity to help.

“My father taught me that one always gives back.  That started at a very young age.  He practiced what he preached. He was religious person and believed that it was better to give than to receive.  And, I firmly believe that … I have received far more pleasure by giving the piano to students who can play, pursue their dream, and their talent, than they can imagine.  It has been a totally pleasurable experience to know that this is something that I can do; which is needed; which can enhance opportunities as a pianist.”

After Mrs. Galli decided to purchase the seven foot Steinway Grand, her husband, Bob, felt compelled to help the department as well, deciding to purchase the nine foot Steinway & Sons Model D Grand Piano needed for recitals in Meyer Hall.

“It is sad that the arts are no longer available to all students in public schools, which they were when I was a child. I feel that our world is a far better place with the arts. Individuals should have the chance to explore them. DSOA does an amazing job with their students. It is my privilege to be a small part of that community.”