Generous Grandparents

Spotlight Date: 
September 30, 2013
Generous Grandparents
Grandparents share a special relationship with their grandchildren and Jeanette and John Staluppi are no exception.  The Staluppi’s are very proud of their 8 grandchildren and their home reflects that as it is filled with family photos.  One of their grandchildren, Gianna Delgado attends Dreyfoos and is a junior in the communications department.  
The Staluppi’s have always supported children in the communities in which they live. In New York they supported the public schools and children’s causes. Since their granddaughter started at Dreyfoos they have generously made numerous donations in support of the Foundation’s Save the Arts Campaign and other opportunities.  
When asked if they were surprised that Gianna was interested in attending an arts high school, Mrs. Staluppi said, “Not at all.  Her mother went to a performing arts high school in Boston, Walnut Hill.  She was in dance.”  
Mrs. Staluppi has attended Grandparents Day since Gianna began Dreyfoos and plans to attend this year’s event on Tuesday, November 26th, “I had a wonderful time and got to meet her teachers, including Gianna’s favorite, Ms. Tieche.  We were so sad to hear Ms. Tieche moved away. However, all her teachers are great.” 
Mr. Staluppi said he was so impressed with the school. “It doesn’t seem like a public school, it is more like a private school.  The teachers are very involved with the kids. The students are happy and love going.” 
The Staluppis said when they mention their granddaughter attends Dreyfoos, many people don’t know about the school.  Mr. Staluppi said, “It’s surprising since the Dreyfoos graduates go on to so many outstanding colleges and universities!”
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