Hooked on Dreyfoos

Spotlight Date: 
August 29, 2014
Lisa Marie Browne

After attending one of the Foundation Guild’s Musical Luncheons, Lisa Marie Browne “was hooked on Dreyfoos, and has been ever since.” At the recommendation of the Chairman of the Board, Simon Benson Offit, Lisa Marie Browne joined the Board of Directors in 2005, and has continues her support of the school, now as Vice Chairman.

“My greatest motivator is knowing that both participation and financial contributions keep this worthy Foundation alive. It is extremely personally gratifying to help talented high school students achieve their dreams.  The Foundation collectively helps EVERY student at Dreyfoos, EVERY day that we exist.   When I came on board the foundation had much less but we gave as much as possible.”

Lisa Marie not only attends board meetings, events, and performances, but last year took her commitment to this public school a step further. As Executive Director of Friends of the Uffizi, she was inspired to begin a program that allowed a Dreyfoos student to travel to a summer program in Tuscany. Together with three of her friends, Mary Jo Zingale, Judith Embrescia and Lisa King, they created this amazing new scholarship.

“My work with the Uffizi Gallery has brought Tuscany to life for me. Realizing the effect it had on me, I felt that it would only mean that much more to a student.

Florence brought art to life for my son at 8 years old and changed his life.  This is what I want for the students: exposure to the masters which is Tuscany. My hope is to send a student to Tuscany every year.   Experiencing the beauty and abundance of art in Italy will be life changing.

It is my dream that 300 friends will support this program. As more people become involved, more students will be able to participate in the Tuscan experience.” 

Although the yearly Prism Concert is Lisa Marie’s favorite performance, you can always find her at one of the Musical Luncheons which she believes “bring together a diverse group of people including parents, friends, Palm Beach residents, business owners, and board members all to witness firsthand the students' talent, dedication and passion for the arts.”

For Lisa Marie, supporting the Foundation remains important to “assist in publicizing the depth of talent that the Dreyfoos students embody, coupled with showcasing the dedicated educators. The community is richer in cultural activities thanks to the Dreyfoos School of the Arts.”