A Medley of Interests

Spotlight Date: 
August 25, 2014
Felipe Bomeny

Felipe Bomeny, a Dreyfoos Senior, started listening to classical music when he was just a kid watching “Tom and Jerry” cartoons. A relative sent him a violin and he was hooked – attending summer programs and playing with Bak Middle School of the Arts and Florida Youth Orchestra before attending Dreyfoos.

“My playing has definitely been influenced by the musicians that I admire most, from the 20th century masters such as Oistrakh, Milstein, and Heifetz, to younger, dynamic violinists such as Hilary Hahn and Maxim Vengerov. Of course, my experiences at Bak and Dreyfoos, and the musicians around me in those settings have also had a tremendous role in my musical development.”

Studying the masters of violin isn’t where Felipe’s dedication stops; he also writes the program notes for the DSOA Philharmonic’s concerts, is Co-Treasurer of the Student Government Association, the Vice-President of the Tri-M Music Honor Society, and the captain of the Dreyfoos’ Academic Challenge Team. Between all of this, Felipe also finds the time for his commitment to the student newsmagazine, The Muse, as the Op/Ed Editor, a unique opportunity for a music major.

“I also dabble in creative writing on my own time, and I like to think of myself as a voracious reader. Right now, I'm reading through Penguin's Writers from the Other Europe series. I love history and English, and I love finding ways to cross all three disciplines.”

When asked about his experience at Dreyfoos, Felipe explained:

“Dreyfoos has offered me an unparalleled education in the arts, and one I couldn't find anywhere else. The arts curriculum is truly state-of-the-art in every regard, and the academics are fantastic. There is a satisfying mix of rigor and competition, and the teachers really try to incorporate each students' artistic passion into their lesson plans. At Dreyfoos, no one student is anonymous. It's truly a functioning habitat, and every student has an important role in shaping the arts scene here.”

“Dreyfoos, for me, is my home away from home. Whether I'm staying late to help The Muse staff or rehearsing for the theatre production's pit orchestra, I find myself spending more time at Dreyfoos than in my own bedroom. And I honestly don't mind one bit, because everyone brings something to Dreyfoos: a perspective, art, and so much more. And to be a part of this exchange of ideas and innovation and passion is inspiring, because through it, the Dreyfoos experience has furthered my journey of self-discovery.”

Although Felipe has his eye on Princeton University, he’s also looking at the other Ivy Leagues or the University of Chicago for college. He intends to change his focus to humanities, perhaps to study creative writing or academia, so he can incorporate his love of literature, history, and music. “No matter what I ultimately study, I intend to join my college's newspaper and orchestra.”