Please Be Seated

Spotlight Date: 
September 22, 2012
John Hayden

Mr. John Hayden is one of the Dreyfoos School of the Arts most ardent cheerleaders.  At almost every theatre, dance or musical performance, you can find him sitting in his theatre seat – Center Row A Seat 110. If a play runs for 8 days, he has at least one ticket for each performance.  Mr. Hayden also attends the art shows and has an extensive collection of art, signed posters and programs from our students.  The last few years, he has even given scholarships to outstanding students in theatre and music. And his seat Center Row A Seat 110 - he bought it!  

Mr. Hayden tells the story of how he found Dreyfoos. He was riding back on Tri Rail from the Miami airport and got off in West Palm Beach. He saw a large group of students getting on the train and asked one of the students what this was all about. The student told him about the Dreyfoos School right across the street, he came over to see the school and hasn’t left. The first production he saw was Chorus Line, over 10 years ago. 
When asked what Dreyfoos means to him, Mr. Hayden said “The answer is simple, everything. I have been blessed with a remarkable family, full of love. Dreyfoos is family. I love the talent, the honesty of youth, the warm greeting from the students in all of the school’s art areas when I appear at their performances. It’s called that word again: love.”
Mr. Hayden showed his support of the school and Foundation by giving a donation to name a chair in Meyer Hall. Of course, it is Center Row A Seat 110. For a tax-deductible gift of $500, you too can name a seat in Meyer Hall in honor of a student, family member, business, friend or yourself!  Email Kris for more information about the Please Be Seated program. 
Are you interested in making a student’s dreams come true? Email the foundation.