Sharing their Love for the Arts

Spotlight Date: 
March 19, 2015
Ralph and Calla Guild
School of the Arts Foundation supporters Ralph and Calla Guild both have a lifelong connection to the arts. Calla began singing at the age of 10, sang opera in high school, continuing on through college and afterwards. Today, she still sings Broadway show tunes and has recorded several CDs. Ralph has produced numerous Broadway plays and was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1990 for his work in radio advertising and marketing. 
In 2004 Board Member Dorothy L. Lappin introduced the Guilds to the Dreyfoos School of the Arts. So impressed by the successes of Dreyfoos graduates and the colleges they go on to attend, the Guilds decided to become involved with the Foundation fundraising events. Then in 2009, Mr. Guild joined the SOAFI Board of Directors. Today, it is the only local Board that he serves on. “The attitudes of students, both academically and artistically, while attending Dreyfoos and the continued motivation afterwards, are what motivate me to continue to support Dreyfoos.  Also, I find the performances by students at Meyer Hall and the Guild Musical Luncheon extraordinary.”
Ralph and Calla hardly ever miss a Musical Luncheon, often sponsor Foundation events, and contribute to the school newsmagazine The Muse. In 2011, Ralph started the Calla Guild Vocal Scholarship in honor of their 63rd wedding anniversary and has continued it since; awarding it to a female vocalist with demonstrated financial need who will be studying music after Dreyfoos.
When asked about their favorite Dreyfoos performances, they still recall the first show they ever saw at Meyer Hall, Crazy for You. “It was excellent!  I also must comment on Thoroughly Modern Millie. It was superb!”
For the Guilds, they believe that supporting the Dreyfoos School of the Arts has a tremendous impact on the community and the entire Florida public school system, and add that “When we see the young students perform, it gives both of us a great deal of joy and satisfaction.”