We Love our Volunteers!

Spotlight Date: 
October 31, 2013
Lieba Ingber
Foundation volunteers Lieba Ingber and Dorothy Lappin first worked together raising money through a luncheon series with the Florida Philharmonic.  After the Philharmonic played their last concert in 2003, Ingber, Lappin and Simon Offit teamed up to start the School of the Arts Foundation Guild Musical Luncheon series.   
Ms. Ingber is motivated to support the Dreyfoos School because of the students she has met over the years.   “The students generate so much enthusiasm about the school and to see what all these students have been able to accomplish in their high school years and beyond is fabulous.  Nadine Sierra is a perfect example.”  Nadine (class of 2006) attended the Mannes College of Music and has performed opera all over the world.
When asked what her first impression was of the Dreyfoos School, Ms. Ingber said, “Totally amazing…I had no idea about the school, these students, their goals and college placements.    I think more people should realize how their philanthropy can further the education of these talented students.”   
What has been Ms. Ingber’s favorite Dreyfoos performance?  “They are all fabulous, but my favorite was in February 2011 when New York based  choreographer Margo Sappington set a piece featuring Broadway musicals.  It was so very professional and every guest was very impressed.”    
Her interest in the arts started at a young age.  As a youngster, Ms. Ingber took art and ballet lessons.  Her mother made sure she learned about classical music, attended the ballet, opera and concerts in the Boston area. 
Ms. Ingber has been married to her husband Larry for 27  years.  In their spare time they enjoy traveling and spending time with their children and grandchildren. 
Ms. Ingber serves as the Guild’s membership chairman.  There are four musical luncheons each year, featuring a delightful meal at an exclusive location in Palm Beach followed by a variety of student performances.    If you would like more information on being a member of the guild visit our membership page or email stefani@soafi.org